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1 500,00€
"Dzi" which means “polished”, “luminous” are agate beads of  lengthened form having on their surfaces a decoration of various and varied geometrical forms, but having each one a quite precise significance. Their origins are rather varied, because for some, they are worked by the man, and for others they are one present of the kingdom of the gods. Dzi were found in Tibet, on very old sites going back to 4500 years.There exists much of myths and legends around Dzi. Dzi are supposed to bring good fortune, to avoid the bad spirits, and to protect its wearer from the dangers and the accidents, and to even bring longevity and good health. These two necklaces  with agates are very close to Dzis by the material and the destination (same species, different kind)...The price is 1500€ for each necklace ...this kind of piece is difficult to find even for thibetan people and is now a real collector item!