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The HALTER House is an international reference in ancient ethnic jewelry.

Our collection is growing day by day to offer you an

ever more varied range of rare and sought after pieces.

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A beautiful pair of silver, gilded, coral and turquoise earrings from Bukhara, Uzbekistan dating from early 20th century.

Price : 495,00 €
Iranian Ring
Iranian Ring

This beautiful writting intaglio on a wonderful agate is set up a silver body whose I like especially the foral work. From Iran, it dates from the early century.

Price : 480,00 €

A beautiful Native American ring (Navajo) ... As often, the turquoise is old and the body is recent. Nice work of granulation on the body of the ring and set closed ...

Price : 395,00 €

A beautiful pakistan pendant ornated with a nice spinel stone ... the closed setting and the small nice granulations make this pendant a very nice ornament !

Price : 1 500,00 €

A very nice an wearable silver bracelet dating from early 20th c. coming from India (Maharasthra and Gujarat). This type of bracelet was exclusively worn by Rabari women.

Price : 650,00 €
Bague Touareg
Touareg Ring

A typical Touareg ring in silver and copper dating from the 19th century is originating from Mali (Sarakole). The motifs are inspireted by card game.

Price : 495,00 €
bague sigillaire
Stamp Ring

A magnificent stamp ring, early 20th century, is made in silver and copper ... the inscriptions are probably the name of the owner and made for signing documents.

Price : 465,00 €

From Lhasa in Tibet, a georgious pendant (Ga'u) dating from 19th c. This ornament is nicely worked with silver filigree and a good quality of ancient bead of coral in the center. This necklace is set with nice beads of amber and coral. It is mounted on steel wire... Originaly this Ga'u was covered at the back by a copper plate.

Price : 2 350,00 €
Bague Iranienne Or
Iranian Ring Gold

A pretty ring in 22 ct sold gold ornated with an eye agate representing a bird ... The body of the ting very refined ornated with a beautiful granulation and the god eye, wich brings luck, is from Iran et dated from early 20th century.

Price : 1 400,00 €
Bague en argent et turquoises
Silver Ring with Turquoises

This beautiful and elegant silver ring ornated with turquoises from Iran, so from the best quality, dates early 20th century.

Price : 495,00 €
bague ottomane argent
Ottoman Silver Ring

This pretty ottoman silver ring showing the stamp of Suleyman the magnificent is ornated with gilded copper craws. It dates early 20th century.

Price : 385,00 €

A beautiful G'au (travel box) from Nepal: this "Buddhist" box is supposed to protect its owner from evil spirits ... This type of refined G'au (filigrane gilded silver, various stones - turquoises, lapis, coral, ...). These ornaments dating from the '60s of great precision were often intended for export. Here, homage is paid to Hanuman, the Monkey God. In Nepal, Hinduism, often described as Hymalaian, borrowed much from Tantric Buddhism. Inside the box, another sculpture representing the sitting Buddha.

Price : 3 750,00 €
bague dZi bead
dZi Bead Ring

This ring in silver is extraordinary because of the central bead called “dZi bead”, bead coming from Tibet and other himalayan areas supposed to have a protected power on the carrier. This ring comes from Iran and dates from early 20th century.

Price : 510,00 €
Bague en argent et ambre
Silver and Amber Ring

This silver ring with a wonderful bead in amber goes as well to the man or woman. Its comes from Tibet and dates early 20th century.

Price : 480,00 €
Bague Iranienne
Iranian Ring Gold

A very nice ring in 22 ct solid gold ornated with a pretty eye agate with a intaglio representing a warrior. From Iran, it is dated from the early 20th century … Look also the beautiful work on the body of the ring.

Price : 2 650,00 €
Bague iranienne en Or
Gold Iranian Ring

A splendid ring in 20 ct solid gold from Iran ornated with an old intaglio in cornaline representing a “mythical” cervidae. The body of the ring is finely chiselled ... from the end of the 19th century.

Price : 2 500,00 €

A nice old (early 20th c.) ring in silver and gildingswith a good quality square lapis lazuli ... Found in Kabul in Afghanistan ... Nice ingravings all around the body of the ring.

Price : 395,00 €
Bague agate noire
Black eye Agate Ring

This wonderful ring ornated with a black eye agate set on a silver body with beautiful design dates from early 20th century, Safavide period, is coming from Iran.

Price : 500,00 €
bague en argent afghane
Afghani Silver Ring

This splendid silver ring is ornated with a magnificent bead in lapis-lazuli coming from Afghanistan is originating from Iran and dated from early 20th century. The body of the ring showes a beautiful design.

Price : 480,00 €


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